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Makerchip is a free online environment for developing high-quality integrated circuits. You can code, compile, simulate, and debug Verilog designs, all from your browser. Your code, block diagrams, and waveforms are tightly integrated.

While Makerchip introduces ground-breaking capabilities for advanced design, it also makes circuit design easy and fun! Tutorials will get you going, so be among the first to experience a new era of circuit design!

Beyond Verilog

Did we say "easy" and "Verilog" in the same breath? That's just contradictory! That's why we've fully embraced the emerging Transaction-Level Verilog standard. Transaction-Level Verilog, or TL-Verilog, represents a huge step forward, by eliminating the need for the legacy language features of Verilog and by introducing simpler syntax. At the same time, TL-Verilog adds powerful constructs for pipelines and transactions. We'll help you learn it, and you'll never turn back!

Easy Pipelining

Here's a quick taste of TL-Verilog. (Not familiar with sequential logic? Try Wikipedia.)

Instead of writing in Verilog always_ff @(posedge clk) begin ... to create flip-flops... don't write anything! Organize your Verilog logic statements into pipelines, and let TL-Verilog imply the necessary flip-flops.

The code below provides a pipeline, called |incr containing pipeline stages @1, @2 and @3. Each stage increments the value from the previous stage by one in a subsequent clock cycle. Flip-flops (represented as grey squares in the diagram) carry values from one stage to the next.

In case you are curious, here's some corresponding Verilog code:

logic [2:0] INCR_one_a1, INCR_one_a2;
logic [2:0] INCR_two_a2, INCR_two_a3;
logic [2:0] INCR_three_a3;

assign INCR_one_a1[2:0] = 1;
always_ff @(posedge clk) INCR_one_a2 <= INCR_one_a1;
assign INCR_two_a2 = INCR_one_a2 + 1;
always_ff @(posedge clk) INCR_two_a3 <= INCR_two_a2;
assign INCR_three_a3 = INCR_two_a3 + 1;

Pipeline context reduces bugs and makes your design easy to maintain in the face of timing changes.

Learn more about TL-Verilog pipelines as well as other powerful constructs, including hierarchy, state, validity, and transactions in the TL-Verilog tutorials inside the Makerchip IDE.

Organized Waveforms

Waveforms are organized by TL-Verilog design hierarchy. Waveforms clearly show when signals are carrying meaningful data.

Organized Diagrams

Your designs are represented in logic diagrams. TL-Verilog design hierarchy, including pipelines and pipeline stages, provides organization to your logic diagrams. Below, the path through $ANY ovals shows the flow a transaction will follow through an example design.

Linked Design and Debug

TL-Verilog constructs in the code editor, diagram, and waveform viewer are all linked together. Clicking an element such as a pipesignal in one view will highlight that element across all views.

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